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Automatic software installation system for unattended install.
Can be used with automatic unattended Windows installations. Works fine on T-13.
Unlimited amount of programs for installation with unlimited commands to run for each program.
Supports for sections like office, antiviruses, graphical... with builtin icons for them.
Multilanguage support and selected language depended commands. Full Unicode support.
Everything can be easily configurated with ini file. Supplied ini comes with a lot of examples and hints.
Each program can have description which can be different for each language.
Can lock desktop while running which blocks Alt+Tab, Ctrl+Shift+Esc, etc.

Some additional features:
    - main root folder shortcut - %ROOT%
    - first CD-ROM or removable drive in the system shortcut - %CDROM%
    - system folder shortcuts like %PROGRAMFILES%, %WINDIR%, %STARTMENU%...
    - each sections can have it's own root folder
    - even each program can have it's installation folder shortcut - %FOLDER%
    - 22 builtin icons for sections
    - the program can reboot after installations or just exit
    - possibility to prevent from interrupting installation process
    - main window background and tree colors customizable
    - debug mode for testing
    - can write installation log to a text file
    - each tree node (program) can be checked, disabled or invisible by default
    - runs each installation in hidden window so you will not see anything like cmd console
    - can check if current program is already installed and skip installation
    - lock desktop can make it black and white or use your own wallpaper (JPG, PNG, BMP)

Supplied marsinst.ini file comes in three interface languages: english, russian and spanish.
Also minimal.ini file included which contains minimal commands need for work.
Program supports some command line options for help run marsinst.exe /?
Supports Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 (64-bit versions too)


Latest version - 1.5. You can download it from here.


This program is donationware. You can use it for free but if you like it and found it useful or it helps
you in your work - please donate any amount to support us and help to create new versions.
How to donate you can learn here.


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